Danish racer Leon Madsen admits Great Britain’s FIM Speedway of Nations triumph in Manchester made him even hungrier to lift the world title on home shale in Esbjerg.

A festival of speedway comes to the Danish seaside city from July 27-30 as the world’s top national teams race for the FIM SON world championship.

Madsen has led the Danes to two straight bronze medals in the last two seasons and they are determined to reach the top step on the rostrum this time around.

Great Britain defeated them in the Grand Final Qualifier in Manchester last October. The Lions then went on to beat Poland in the Grand Final and end the nation’s 32-year wait for a world team title, sending the home fans wild.

Madsen would love to give the Danish fans a similar experience this summer. He said: “I felt that we could have done it last year. I really had a good feeling on the second day in Manchester. But it just didn’t play out to our advantage.

“On the right day, Denmark can win the gold as well, and how nice it would be to do it this year in front of our home crowd. We were disappointed last year not to get to the Grand Final in Manchester. But if we win it in Esbjerg, everyone forgets about last year.

“It would be amazing to do it just like the British boys did it in front of their home crowd. You can’t wish for anything more. It is going to be tough. The track is good for everyone. It is a big, nice racing track. But we can do it. We have as good a chance as the other guys have.”

Madsen makes no secret of the fact that while Denmark’s finest know Esbjerg’s Granly Speedway Arena circuit well, it will also suit their rivals.

“It is quite similar to Manchester,” he said. “Britain’s Tai Woffinden is going to be racing there in the Danish league this year and getting a little bit of experience on the track.

“It’s a big track. It’s very open, and it’s down to the team that hits form on the day – and in that Grand Final. It’s all down to that Grand Final. You need to have a little bit of luck in that event, and hopefully Denmark can have that.”

The Danish team will only race in the FIM SON Final on July 30 – getting a bye into the Saturday showdown as host nation. While this guarantees them a shot at the title, Madsen hints that he may have preferred to contest the Semis.

He said: “For us, it is only a one-day event – we are only going to race the Final. I don’t know if it’s an advantage or not. I think it’s okay. It would have been nice to maybe race more meetings, to be honest. But that’s how it is.”